Live the Good Life on Oahu

Live the Good Life on Oahu

July 29, 2010



  • Trade winds through the weekend will be in the 15-18 mph range from the North East.
  • We can expect WARM weather with partly cloudy skies on Saturday and then clearing up nicely for the rest of the weekend.
  • Temperatures in the higher 80’s during the day, dropping to mid 70’s at night.
  • Small swells expected for South and East facing Shores in the 1-3 ft. range on the south side and 2-4 on the east.  The little bump in the swell has all the surfers excited!
  • Comfortable water temperature of 78 degrees.




  • Hope all of you got a chance to catch the 30th annual Tin-Man Triathlon that happened this past Sunday on our Ohana Beach Rental’s webcam.
  • It was an amazing world-class event and all the best athletes came out to compete including our own Kristin Counter who swam in the swimming portion of the race, a total of 800 meters.
  • The weather was perfect with sunshine and clear skies!
  • Our Webcam was able to get most of the action live in pristine video format.
  • Really a nice treat for visitors and residents alike who were competing or not.




  • I have to say it’s just been another amazing summer in Hawaii! The months are flying by so fast. I can’t believe it’s almost August!
  • One of the perks about the beginning of a new month in Hawaii is of course First Fridays in Downtown China Town.
  • It’s an amazing monthly gathering in the heart of Honolulu. Art galleries feature new art exhibits and artists.
  • There are amazing street performers, live music, happy hour specials, body painting exhibits, comedy shows you name it.
  • It’s basically a block party for the entire downtown area! The Mardi Gras of Honolulu only we do it monthly.
  • If you’re ever in Hawaii on a first Friday you have to be sure you don’t miss it!





  • But look I’m already getting ahead of myself thinking about next months party I forgot about the one just around the corner…
  • There is actually a last Friday event every month as well, called Art After Dark at the Honolulu Academy of Arts.
  • This Friday they will be featuring the “Plaza De Toros” an ode to Pamplona, Spain’s running of the bulls!
  • There will be Spanish cuisine from top local chefs, live Spanish inspired music as well as the art galleries themselves for you to peruse at your own discretion.
  • In Hawaii I guess you can say that we end things with a bang and we begin things a bang!



  • Gotta love the good life in paradise!
  • Did you know that Hawaii has the highest life expectancy in the United States?
  • Life expectancy for males is 75 years , for females its 80.
  • I guess happiness is key to longevity!
  • Now quick everyone move to Hawaii! Ohana Beach Rentals Hawaii will take care of finding you a home.
  • Or rent with us for a few weeks out of the year and your life expectancy will multiply by 2 weeks!
  • What do you gotta loose right? It’s paradise! Just a little Hawaii Tidbit for ya!



  • Even Hollywood is finding their way out here to soak up the happiness fever!
  • It’s been reported that Johnny Depp was seen at a local night-club on the Kuhio strip in Waikiki a couple weekends ago. He partied with old time friends and talked story with a few of the local residents.
  • Geoffrey Rush, Academy Award actor and the famous Captain Barbosa on Pirates of the Carribbean, was nice enough to talk with one of our own employees, Amber Vega, outside of a live music venue on Lewers Street.
  • Movie stars, famous directors and a backdrop of world renowned beaches… It’s just another day in Hawaii!




  • We have so much going on for August it’s ridiculous! I’ve already told you about a few of our events…
  • This weekend The 9th annual Heiva I Kauai Iaorana Tahiti Dance and Drum festival, is happening at Kapaa Beach Park.
  • Following that from August 2nd to the 6th is the 51st annual Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament (HIBT) in Kona, Hawaii.
  • Then we’ve got the 28th Annual Hawaii Slack Key Guitar Festival happening August 15, at Kapiolani Park, just seconds away from our luxury rental hotel, the Diamond Head Beach Hotel.
    • Maui’s Cycle to the Sun from Sea Level To The Summit of Maui’s Haleakala Volcano: 36 miles, 10,000 Feet, is happening August 21st on the breathtaking Haleakala Volcano.
    • Every island in Hawaii will have something to celebrate. August is going to be an awesome month!



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