Oahu's Number One Vacation Rentals

Are you looking for luxury beach rentals, Hawaii? When it comes to renting and managing luxury vacation rentals on Oahu, look no further than Ohana Beach Rentals, Hawaii. Since 2009, Ohana Beach Rentals has been providing its customers with high-end luxury vacation rentals on the beautiful island of Oahu. With over 100 luxury vacation rentals to choose from, Ohana Beach Rentals is the leading expert when it comes to renting and managing high-end condos, homes and beach estates that are kitted out to cater for couples, families and groups. Over the years, our business has refined its approach to not only provide owners with the maximum amount of return possible, but provide customers with the finest service and support throughout their stay in paradise as well.

Ohana Beach Rentals' professional team is comprised of licensed real estate agents, professionally trained in both customer service and property management. Whether you are an investment homeowner or a vacation renter, Ohana Beach Rentals Hawaii is your one stop shop for all of your vacation rental needs.

10 Reasons To Choose Our Vacation Rentals Program

  • We manage over 100 Luxury Vacation Rentals,
  • Exclusive Hotel Operator of the Diamond Head Beach Hotel,
  • Provide in-house cleaning services for commercial, residential and vacation rental properties,
  • Interior design and renovation services,
  • Wedding services,
  • Concierge services,
  • Personal chef services
  • Travel insurance options
  • Bilingual staff, and
  • Exclusive Television Marketing on KHON2.

Rental Referral Rewards Program

REALTORS: Receive commission for referrals! You can refer a property into our rental pool or refer a renter. We work with many of Oahu's top agents in a non-conflicting way to get their clients rental income.

For more information or to refer a property:

CALL (808) 923-9099 or email warren@obrhi.com